Python Interface

IDLE – a cross-platform Python development environment IDLE is the standard  Python development environment. … It has a Python shell window, which gives you access to the Python interactive mode. It also has a file editor that lets you create and edit existing Python source files.

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IDLE helps you program in Python by:

  • color-coding your program code
  • debugging
  • auto-indent
  • interactive shell

Python Thonny IDLE Thonny is an integrated development environment for Python that is designed for beginners. It supports different ways of stepping through the code, step-by-step expression evaluation, detailed visualization of the call stack and a mode for explaining the concepts of references and heap

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Features of Thonny

  • Line numbers
  • Statement stepping without breakpoints
  • Live variables during debugging
  • Stepping through evaluation of the expressions (expressions get replaced by their values)
  • Separate windows for executing function calls (for explaining local variables and call stack)
  • Variables and memory can be explained either by using simplified model (name ? value) or by using more realistic model (name ? address/id ? value)
  • Simple pip GUI
  • Possibility to log user actions for replaying or analyzing the programming process

Google colab – Google Colaboratory is a free, in-the-browser, collaborative programming environment that provides an interactive and easy to use platform for deep learning  researchers  and engineers to work on their data science projects You require a google account for colab.

For the exercises, we’ll use IDLE, but you can try them all and pick a favorite

Python Download and Installation Instructions

Python: Version 3.7.0

The Python download requires about 25 Mb of disk space; keep it on your machine, in case you need to re-install Python. When installed, Python requires about an additional 90 Mb of disk space.


  1. Click Python Download.

The following page will appear in your browser.
  • Click the Download Python 3.7.0 button.

The file named python-3.7.0.exe should start downloading into your standard download folder. This file is about 30 Mb so it might take a while to download fully if you are on a slow internet connection (it took me about 10 seconds over a cable modem).

The file should appear as

  • Move this file to a more permanent location, so that you can install Python (and reinstall it easily later, if necessary).
  • Feel free to explore this webpage further; if you want to just continue the installation, you can terminate the tab browsing this webpage.
  • Start the Installing instructions directly below.


  1. Double-click the icon labeling the file python-3.7.0.exe.

An Open File – Security Warning pop-up window will appear.
  • Click Run.

Python 3.7.0 (32-bit) Setup pop-up window will appear.

Ensure that the Install launcher for all users (recommended) and the Add Python 3.7 to PATH checkboxes at the bottom are checked.

If the Python Installer finds an earlier version of Python installed on your computer, the Install Now message may instead appear as Upgrade Now (and the checkboxes will not appear).

  • Highlight the Install Now (or Upgrade Now) message, and then click it.

User Account Conrol pop-up window will appear, posing the question Do you want the allow the following program to make changes to this computer?
  • Click the Yes button.

A new Python 3.7.0 (32-bit) Setup pop-up window will appear with a Setup Progress message and a progress bar.

During installation, it will show the various components it is installing and move the progress bar towards completion. Soon, a new Python 3.7.0 (32-bit) Setup pop-up window will appear with a Setup was successfuly message.

  • Click the Close button.

Python should now be installed.


To try to verify installation,

  1. Navigate to the directory C:\Users\Pattis\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37-32 (or to whatever directory Python was installed: see the pop-up window for Installing step 3).
  2. Double-click the icon/file python.exe.

The following pop-up window will appear.

A pop-up window with the title C:\Users\Pattis\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37-32 appears, and inside the window; on the first line is the text Python 3.7.0 … (notice that it should also say 32 bit). Inside the window, at the bottom left, is the prompt >>>: type exit() to this prompt and press enter to terminate Python.

You should keep the file python-3.7.0.exe somewhere on your computer in case you need to reinstall Python (not likely necessary).