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Help yourself with the assistance of this online website that is a one stop site for all students aspiring to score well in the CBSE & IGCSE exams. It’s a comprehensive and friendly effort to give the students a stress free and learning experience while preparing for the big day. Get yourself enrolled and know how scoring good marks in exams is so easy and fun.

This Blog is primarily for CBSE Class XI , XII and IGCSE ICT. I try to make Learning C++ , Web Designing, IGCSE-ICT easier and help you score better

This blog will be very useful for your exam.

This blog will cover all important aspects of CBSE Class XI & XII Topics of Computer Science , Multimedia & Web Technology and other Technical stuffs. In this blog you will find good online study material, Past Year Question Papers ‘s Solutions and examples. Tutorials will be posted from time to time that will focus on problem solving.

I will be happy to solve your queries and doubts. Feel free to contact and send your queries at vinsri76@yahoo.com or contact on +965-69300304

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